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Vaginal, Oviduct, and Ureter Smooth Muscle

Vaginal Smooth Muscle
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    Vagina 4X
    A: Lamina propria is just apical to the muscle layer and is connective tissue

    B: Smooth muscle irregularly arranged
Oviduct Smooth Muscle
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    Oviduct 4X
    A: Lamina propria and ciliated simple columnar epithelium surrounds the lumen of the oviduct.

    B: Smooth muscle in the oviduct is made of two layers: Inner circular and outer longitudinal
Ureter Smooth Muscle
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    Ureter 4X
    A: Transitional epithelium lines the lumen of the ureter

    B: 2 smooth muscle layers from the wall of the ureter

    C: Adipose tissue
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    Ureter 20X
    A: Transitional epithelium

    B: Lamina propria is loose connective tissue

    C: Inner Longitudinal

    D: Outer circular