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Skeletal Muscle, Tongue Muscle

Skeletal Muscle
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    Skeletal 4X
    A: Perimysium is DCCTRA and surrounds a single fascicle of muscle cells/fibers

    B: Endomysium is LCT with some DCCTRA and surrounds each muscle cell

    C: Epimysium surrounds the whole muscle and is DCCTRA

    D: Artery
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    Skeletal 40X
    A: Perimysium is DCCTRA

    B: Endomysium is LCT with some DCCTRA

    C: Peripherally located nuclei
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    Skeletal 40X trans
    A: Endomysium is LCT with some DCCTRA

    B: Peripherally located nuclei

    C: Notice the striations in the myocytes this is due to the actin and myosin fibrils
Tongue Skeletal Muscle
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    Tongue 4X
    A: Unkeratinized stratified squamous epithelium of the tongue

    B: Irregularly arranged skeletal muscle is only found in the tongue
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    Tongue 40X
    Skeletal Muscle Irregularly arranged

    A: Transverse fibers run up and down in the tongue

    B: Longitudinal muscle fibers run the length of the tongue