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Jejunum, Ileum, Appendix, and Large Intestine

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    Jejunum 4X
    A: Mucosa

    B: Muscularis mucosa

    C: Submucosa

    D: Muscularis externa
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    Jejunum 10X
    A: Submucosa

    B: Meissner's plexus

    C: Inner Circular muscle layer

    D: Outer Longitudinal muscle layer
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    Peyer's 4X
    A: Peyer's patches are lymphatic aggregations found in the ileum of the small intestine. Histologically they are dense lymphatic tissue and serve the same purpose as any lymphatic nodule.

    B: Muscularis Externa

    C: Mucosa with the striated simple columnar epithelium
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    Peyer's 20X
    A: Peyer's patch with a visible germinal center. Dense lymphatic tissue

    B: Germinal center where proliferating lymphocytes are located

    C: Muscularis Externa
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    Peyer's 40X
    A: Peyer's patch

    B: Inner muscle layer

    C: Outer muscle layer
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    Ileum 4X
    A: Mucosa

    B: Peyer's patches

    C: Inner circular layer of the muscularis externa

    D: Outer longitudinal layer of the muscularis externa
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    Appendix 4X
    A: Trash in the lumen is common

    B: Invaginations of the appendix are lined with unicellular exocrine goblet cells and striated simple columnar epithelial cells

    C: Lymphatic nodule

    D: Submucosa

    E: Muscularis externa is inner circular outer, outer longitudinal
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    Appendix 20X
    A: Striated simple columnar epithelium

    B: Peyer's patch is dense lymphatic tissue

    C: Submucosa

    D: Inner circular smooth muscle layer

    E: Outer longitudinal smooth muscle layer
Large Intestine
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    Large Intestine 4X
    A: Invaginations of the mucosa are lined by simple columnar epithelium and goblet cells

    B: Mucosa houses epithelium and has loose connective tissue on the interior

    C: Submucosa house nervous tissue and vasculature

    D: Muscularis externa is broken into two seperate layer. The inner circular and the outer longitudinal
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    Large Intestine 10X
    A: Mucosa

    B: Goblet cells secrete glycosamineglycan or mucous that lines the lumen of the large intestine. The ratio of goblet cells to epithelial cells is much higher in the large intestine than in the small intestine

    C: Submucosa

    D: Muscularis externa
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    Large Intestine 40X
    A: Goblet cells. The ratio here is much higher than the small intestine

    B: Simple columnar epithelium without the striated border. There is no visible border on the edge of these cells