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Grant Funding

Funded Grants


NIDA: 1R15DA038092-01A1 (Edwards, Jeff- PI) Ventral Tegmental Area GAGA Neurosn: A novel target of marijuan drug abuse. 09/15/2016-08/31/2019. $450,00 total funds.NIDA: 1R01DA035958-01A1 (Steffensen, Scott- PI; Edwards, Jeff- Co-Investigator) Nicotine and alcohol co-dependence. 06/01/2014-05/31/2019. $2,100,000 total funds.

NINDS: 1R15NS078645-01 (Edwards, Jeff-PI). Identification of GPR55 cellular expression within hippocampal cells and its physiology. 02/01/2012- 01/31/2015. $362,500 total funds.

NIAAA: 1R01AA020919-01A1 (Steffensen, Scott- PI; Edwards, Jeff- Co-Investigator). Neuroplasticity with alcohol dependence. 08/01/2012- 07/31/2017. $1,000,000 direct costs.

NINDS: 1F32NS049779-01A1. (Edwards, Jeff- PI) Grant was renewable for up to 3 years starting Jan. 1, 2005.

Society for Neuroscience

2013- Chapter Grant ($2,000). This grant was used to organize and carry out a “Utah Brain Education Alliance” where undergraduate and graduate students along with faculty from around the state of Utah came together for a day retreat focusing on enhancing instruction, education, creating resources, sharing lesson plans and community outreach for neuroscience.

2014- Chapter Grant ($1,200). This grant will be used to host our SfN branch chapter meeting at Snowbird, Utah in October 2014, and to provide for a poster session and prizes.


MEG: Mentored Environment Grants. These grants are competitive awards applied for by faculty through the university in order to mentor undergraduate and graduate students in research. Each award was $20,000.





2008- TRPV1 mediated alteration of hippocampal synaptic plasticity.

2007- A study on hippocampal synaptic plasticity and endocannabinoids using electrophysiology and RT-PCR.

BYU Student ORCA Grants

2014- ORCA award: Zachary Hopkins. Endocannabinoid Biosynthetic Enzyme mRNA Expression in Ventral Tegmental Area Dopaminergic and GABAergic Cells.

2014- ORCA award: Bradley Prince. The Role of Endocannabinoid Receptor GPR55 on Learning and Memory.

2014- ORCA award: Jacob Trotter.

2014- ORCA award: Teresa Nufer. T

2013- ORCA award: Spencer Bell. Role of GPR55 in hippocampal LTD.

2013- ORCA award: Ryan Williamson. Endocannabinoid biosynthetic enzymes in hippocampal neurons.

2013- ORCA award: Rachel Scheider. GPR55 function in the hippocampus

2012- ORCA award: David Marriot.

2012- ORCA award: Ryan Williamson. Endocannabinoid biosynthetic enzymes in hippocampal neurons.

2012- ORCA award: Spencer Bell. Cellular mechanism behind memory formation. Does TRPV1 induced LTD in young hippocampus.

2012- ORCA award: Adam Field. Neuroprotective effects of exercise on stress induced decreases in LTD.

2011- ORCA award: Michael McNeil. Using immunocytochemistry to confirm the presence of endocannabinoid enzymes in hippocampal interneurons.

2011- ORCA award: Andrew Wallmann. TRPV1 plasticity in the hippocampus

2011- ORCA award: Jared Weed. Effect of TRPV1 on LTD

2011- ORCA award: Ryan Williamson. Molecular expression profiles of stratum oriens interneurons

2009- ORCA award: Jacob Blickenstaff. Studying voltage changes mediated by GAP junctions

2009- ORCA award: Douglas Bennion. Studying TRPV1 mediated increases in LTP.2008- ORCA award: Tyron Jensen. Studying interneuron plasticity.

2008- ORCA award: Douglas Bennion. Studying postsynaptic involvement in LTD.