Expected Learning Outcomes

B.S. in Physiology and Developmental Biology

The B.S. in Physiology and Devlopmental Biology will prepare students with a strong, broad background in the biological sciences with emphasis in physiology and developmental biology so that they will be highly competitive in obtaining employment or furthering their education in professional or graduate school. The program will also give students an opportunity to work closely with a faculty mentor and will help them develop an understanding of the complexity and divine nature of the human body.

The purposes of this program are aligned with the mission and aims of BYU. It provides both breadth (religion, GE, mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology core) and depth (physiology, developmental biology) to give students an intellectually enlarging experience. Our courses attempt to teach critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills that can be used throughout a life of learning. Our program helps to prepare students and make them competitive to enter the workforce or further their studies in graduate or professional schools. Through close interaction with faculty mentors, students can learn through precept and example the importance of the gospel of Jesus Christ, family life, character, and service.


  1. Students will have the knowledge and skills required to pursue advanced degrees in the biological sciences and non-biological fields or to directly enter into employment.
  2. Each student will develop a personal relationship with a faculty member.
  3. Students will have the skills and information necessary to make informed decisions concerning personal health and develop informed positions on political and ethical issues dealing with the environment, biology, and medicine.

Goal 1 reflects the aim of BYU that programs be intellectually enlarging. This includes sufficient training that students will be successful in entering the workforce or in furthering their education elsewhere. Goal 2 provides for close interaction with faithful faculty who can add to this process of enlarging the intellect, and also help teach by precept and example the importance of faith in God, building strong character, life-long learning, and providing service. Goal 3 involves teaching the critical thinking and problem solving skills that will last long after the BYU experience is over. It will add to the aim of producing life-long learners.